Starved Rock Eagle Viewing Weekend 2011

Eagles sunning themselves along the Illinois River near Starved Rock State Park.

The temperatures reached into the mid-40s today! Folks were out drinking in the sunshine and tearing off the remnants of the winter blues as fast as they might. We grabbed both luncheon and breakfast foods before heading out to Ottawa to visit the Starved Rock State Park area to see the eagles cavorting just below the spillway.

We drove out along Route 34 which is Ogden Avenue near us. The road becomes most scenic just west of Oswego. Lots of power lines and farmland. There are the occasional curios like the Elvis Statue and the Crashed Plane that are either landmarks in their own right or designed to direct you to a museum or other “tourist trap”.

Out along the Illinois River just past Ottawa, Illinois the river is lined with gapers looking for eagles. They were not disappointed today. Both sides of the river were great spots from which to view these majestic birds as they fished and otherwise enjoyed watching the watchers as much as the watchers enjoyed watching them.

We made a swing up to the Lodge for Nature Calls and then headed home. It was fun to munch on the meal we had brought which meant not having to search through the GPS unit to find what we hoped was a suitable place to grab some food. We even got a chance to drive up the very steep roadway that leads out of Utica. This is the roadway that a few seasons ago we climbed on our Easy Racers GRRs. It is steep enough that even the two upright riders alongside us had to bail. Only Connie was able to ride up the entire way without stopping. To this day I marvel at her endurance and stamina.

Back in Wheaton the light of the setting sun is making for some marvelous images in the low lying but brilliant sunlight. As we pull into the driveway our next door neighbor is out with his dog. We wave and head inside to get out of what by now are too warm clothing. It’s been hard to imagine that heavy underwear would not been needed today. But it is delightful to have been wrong!

Spring is coming!