Frankfort Ice Sculptures 2011

Frankfort Shop Front

The drive down to Frankfort was a bit “round about”. We ended up entering the Route 30 vicinity from Cicero Avenue and then driving westward to reach the town of Frankfort. The weather today is indicating a warming trend. It’s at least 10 degrees warmer today than yesterday with a promise of increased temperatures tomorrow!

The local authorities are warning that there is the possibility of flooding should the melting take place too rapidly. It is difficult to want to see this much snow recede slowly. It is dingy and unsightly and frankly depressing to look upon.

In town we make pitstops before circling the downtown area in search of snow sculptures. It appears from the condition of some of the sculptures that they have been outside for quite some time and have had a chance to melt and refreeze. Nevertheless I always am glad to see the handiwork of creative individuals wrought in ice.

Connie limps around the block (her knee has been bothering her) and captures images from the sculptures that still show enough detail to determine what they must have looked like when “brand new”. I wait at the end of the block and then we take off in search of luncheon at the local Chipotle.

The weather is still pretty mild with a promise of near 40 degrees mid-week.