Super Bowl XLV Weekend

Digging out from under an historic snowfall

Nothing hurts more than to admit that the Packers have won the Super Bowl. There, I’ve said it and now I must hurry from the keyboard and rinse my mouth before coming back to complete this report.

Olive Salad Recipe (PDF)

Ok. So it snowed this past week. The third greatest snowfall on record for this area (20.3 inches). And we had to shovel out from under the weight of all that snow. And then to make matters worse the only options we had this weekend (in terms of football) was to have on offer a contest between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Greenbay Packers.

It was indeed an exciting game and as always our thanks to our hosts (Lee and Deborah Gernes) for getting the gang together and letting us collectively suffer the embarrassment of not having our Beloved Bears on the playing field. There were a few Packers fans at the gathering and in their honor I have included a few photos of a really “tricked out” Harley-Davidson done up in Packer green and yellow.

Wait until next year!