Bears-Packers Championship Weekend 2011

Geneva Commons - Snow Sculptures

An Idyllic Weekend

Nothing compares with the hype that surrounds a football game in the NFL. You get all the pundits jawing on for ours days before the big game. And then on the day of the game you get three hours before and after of predictions followed by analysis week-in and week-out. But this weekend promised to be extraordinary for Bears fans.

The team was headed for the SuperBowl and the whole town was abuzz with a fever that almost rivaled what we had in 1985. But this time has had its share of ups and downs and today it delivered a clunker. But life goes on!

Snow Sculptures

Saturday was to have been filled with snow sculptures in Geneva followed by a visit to the Chicago Diner for a late luncheon/early dinner. The sculptures in Geneva was not in the downtown section but rather out on Randall Road at the Geneva Commons shopping center. And the sculptures were nothing like the ones we will probably see next weekend on Navy Pier.

The difference is probably that there are professional sculptures doing the work on Navy Pier. The ones in Geneva were probably done by amateurs. If I had to guess the local high schools were invited to come and give it a try. Not bad but disappointing. We’ve visited exhibits like this as far away as Rockford, IL in years passed and they were much more impressive than this one.

Stearns Road Construction

Stearns Road and Chicago Diner

Connie volunteered to walk the quarter mile of trail that is newly installed along Stearns Road to see the construction of the underpass first hand and to capture it on film. Afterwards she wanted to attempt to capture a bit of the marsupial bridge that was part of the construction and lies another two miles northwest of this section.

But frankly it needs to be tackled in warmer weather when the ground is clear enough to see where the trail lies. Right now the remaining bridge section is difficult to reach by foot and not safe for anyone trying to leave/enter a vehicle since the stretch of highway along which it sits is guarded on both sides by railing.

So we put that second second on the back burner and headed into the city for luncheon.

The Chicago Diner was fairly full when we arrived and by 4:00 PM most of the patrons had left to watch the remainder of the tragedy that was the Bears-Packers game.

I enjoyed a burger with sweet potato fries and a ginger ale. Connie tried the 5-alarm chili and hot cider. Afterwards we drank coffee and shared a piece of carrot cake. Nothing like a bit of vegan comfort food to wash the embarrassment of a loss to the Packers out of your mouth.

Warm Weather Ahead?

Now that the Bears have been eliminated from the playoffs one can only assume that warm weather is just around the corner. Otherwise of what purpose is our shame? Oh well, there’s always next year, right?