Bears vs. Seahawks Weekend 2011

Bryan's Care Package

The Care Package

My nephew Bryan Vann is now deployed in Afghanistan. It is his second tour of duty there having been in the initial group that entered the country back when the US was tracking down Osama Bin Laden.

His wife Marquita sent us a letter letting us know what types of goodies he would appreciate in his “care package”. We sent the following:

  • body wash
  • deodorant
  • disposal razors
  • lip balm (to help in the dry heat)
  • hand wipes
  • raisins
  • dried apricots
  • mixed nuts
  • sunflower seeds
  • almonds
  • beef jerky
  • Werther candies (to help with parched throats)
  • Kashi TLC granola bars
  • Propel packets (to mix with water for energy drinks)

Sometimes we offer a lot of lip service to the honoring of our troops. What they really need are our prayers and practical things that will get them through the rough times. I’m going to put together a calendar with pictures of his kids and wife so that he can see them on the wall each month and remember why he needs to stay strong.

If you have soldiers in your family then you probably already know about this dire need for soldiers in the field. If you have never thought about doing this then get off the couch long enough to find out which groups in your area provide the names of service men and women to whom you too can send “care packages”. It’s not enough to wear a lapel pin of Old Glory. Capiche?

Fox River Bluff West

Fox River Bluff West Dog Park

While driving back from Cabela’s on Saturday we noticed a park along the Fox River where we thought there might be any number of bird watchers who like us were out and about looking for the bald eagles sighted along the river of late.

Today we found the location and realized that the large number of automobiles we had seen were due to the fact that this was an “off leash” dog park. Connie too some photos and reported on the the really wonderful numbers of dogs who were enjoying the brisk winter weather.

There was one family with about 10 dogs most of whom were Spaniels with coats on. One even was missing a front leg. But she seemed oblivious of her situation and was running around (as best she could) with all the others. Dogs are really a Gift from God. They make you get out of your ego-centric world to see life with greater expectancy. Bless their furry little hearts.

Marsupial bridge crossing the Fox River in St. Charles

Further down the river we followed the marsupial bridge that leads from the police station in downtown St. Charles across the river towards a subdivision where you are eventually taken to a “secret” underpass that crosses Randall Road. Nifty!

We then drove back to investigate the Pottawatomie Park and its outdoor structures. This is a really neat place that I will want to visit later in the year.

There is a very nice park district facility adjacent to the park and it has very nice public washrooms and a lending library(?) for public use.

Da Bears

We headed home for luncheon picking it up at Naf Naf Grill and then settled in to watch a portion of the Bears Game. But alas it was over before we got home. Nevertheless I watched a few minutes of my recording of it and then switched over to see the Jets pull out a nice win over the Patriots. Perhaps the Bears have a shot at reaching the Super Bowl?