In Search of Elgin’s Eagles – 2011

Elgin Island Flag

Winter persists here in the Midwest. The streets are clear for the most part but the temperatures are unpleasant. This is not the kind of weather to ride solo. You could suffer hypothermia if an accident left you unconscious for any length of time.

We set out to deliver some books to the shipper at UPS and then proceeded north to Elgin (by way of Batavia) in search of the Eagles that had graced the local newspapers this week. There is a copy of that article elsewhere on this site.

On the site of the old Borden Library in Elgin we found several bird watchers straining to see if the eagles were indeed still in the area. There were dozens of gulls circling the waters of the nearby dam but no eagles. Connie made images on the small island that juts out into the waters just below the dam.

There is a bridge that takes you to the island. It is a nice byproduct of the tax income from the local casino. In fact the downtown areas nearby show some upscale housing has been erected and of course the Borden Library has been torn down and a new one built across the street. It looks quite grand!

Later we drove to Cabela’s in search of flannel nightwear. This is a marvelous place for outdoor clothing and should be on everyones list of places to visit for nice clothing of that sort.

Later we headed home but not before stopping for luncheon at Naf Naf Grill.