Pilcher Park Plant Conservatory

Interior of Bird Haven Greenhouse

Connie and I visited the Pilcher Park Plant Conservatory today. Despite the cold weather there were visitors coming in and out the entire time we were there. Connie made the photos.

Like the larger and better known Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago this is a site of lush greenery and brightly colored plants. It is hard to enter and leave a place like this without being thankful for the senses of sight and smell.

I have enjoyed this holiday season mightily. It would seem that despite the financial hardships the country has endured folks have a pent up need to be out and about and this gives me hope. I am mindful that the soldiers overseas would love to come home and join their families despite the cold weather. But we thank them for their personal sacrifices. One of those soldiers is my nephew Bryan Vann. He like many others is now redeployed to Afghanistan. Let’s all pray that the war there can be ended soon and that everyone returns home safe and sound.

Bird Haven logo

Bird Haven Greenhouse & Conservatory sits on three acres of land within a 660 acre site, comprised of Pilcher Park and Higginbotham Woods.

The Greenhouse & Conservatory was constructed at its current site in the early 1900’s. This Italian Renaissance-style facility, designed by the Lord and Burnham Company, features spectacular floral shows with seasonal motifs during the fall, winter and spring. Year-round attractions are offered with a tropical house, cacti room and show house.

8 AM – 4:30 PM, 7 days a week
Closed on holidays