Wheel and Sprocket Christmas Party 2010

Yet another non-ride ride report! There have been a lot of these lately, given the weather. Oh well!

Thanks to the Wheel and Sprocket Staff

Steve "Santa" Brunell greets the onlookers.

Despite a downturned economy the annual Christmas Party has been a fixture of the Wheel and Sprocket scene for lo these many years. Chris Kegel is always gracious in welcoming the crowd and shaking hands and chatting with folks who make it out to witness the visit from Santa and his elves/reindeer.

Steve Brunell is the perennial choice for Santa and looks the part in his snazzy red costume, beard and boots. He is fittingly aboard an Easy Racers Gold Rush Replica driving on his reindeer and at least one elf through the streets to their destination here at the Hales Corners, WI store of Wheel and Sprocket.

Inside the crowd has gathered to enjoy sandwiches, cookies, fudge, beer, champagne and orange juice. And to help with the munchies before the sandwiches arrive, there is candy, chips, dips and much more. I know we should all be watching our waistlines but this is in fact a holiday season so no one is counting calories.

Up from Chicago is Earl Russell and a couple of other Easy Racers riders from Wheaton. Everyone is busy catching up on how they have been fairing this winter despite the cold and snow. We learn that the bicycling scene in Wisconsin is alive and well and that the new governor is a willing participant in the expansion of bicycling opportunities.

One thing is certain everyone is more than ready to begin anew another cycling season. Boxes of new shoes make their way to the home of the Waraxes. The great bicycling quartermaster himself Harry Wozniak is in fine form and expecting another great season of sales. Jeff will be heading off shortly to visit the manufacturing headquarters of TerraTrike and hopes to bring back word on new product creations.

Rumor has it that there will be a new bridge route for the Miller Ride for the Arts later this summer. Everyone is expecting another fine season of riding and Dennis is preparing for a new crop of participants in his tours. Looks like life is going to be good.