Wheel and Sprocket Weekend Visit

Batter Up

Yet another no-ride ride report.

Last evening we decided to take a ride north to the Wheel and Sprocket store in Hales Corners, Wi. The weather is still pretty frigid in these parts and while riding is possible it is not pleasant. So a road trip seemed like just the way to while away the hours, and so we hopped in the van and headed north.

The snow in Wisconsin isn’t anywhere as high as I expected to find it. There was little more than a dusting on the fields of the farms leading into Hales Corners. In fact the store parking lot while coated with salt was not dotted with high mounds of plowed snow waiting to melt. But the workers inside were busy preparing cross country skis and snowboards for the heartier clientele who planned to take advantage of the snow a bit further north towards Madison.

Harry Wozniak was not in today. So we made our way around the pile of recumbent bikes in the center of the area opposite the maintenance bays. I noticed a used Easy Racers Tour Easy for sale and grabbed some photos. Actually Connie did the image making. This bike is clean and even comes with a front fairing and a rear bag and rack. The price is OK and if I were in the market, I’d make an offer.

After trying on shoes we each bought a pair for the coming season. Mine were Keens that are made for BMS freestyle riding but they work well with the platform pedals I use. Connie went for the more traditional Keens that work well as both bike and dress shoes. And into the bargain she found a couple pairs of Pearl Izumi socks.

We stopped at Chipotle for luncheon and enjoyed veggie burritos and Izzie sodas. Later we grabbed coffees and enjoyed the fading light as the sun set to the west.

In the town of Antioch I spotted a nifty little statue of a boy playing baseball. And later as we rolled towards Wayne we stopped and captured the Hindu temple buildings along Route 59. It was a very nice setting for picture taking despite the weather.

Back home we even captured a few images of the cats who by this time were more than happy to have us home.