Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot

This is another non-ride ride report.

We began the day by taking shopping bags of food stuffs to our friends at the Homeless Veterans Shelter here in Wheaton. As Connie went into the group home to drop off what she had purchased another lady was being escorted out having been there to no doubt cook food for tonight’s dinner. I like the fact that many of the citizens of our town have not forgotten these men who served.

Next we drove in search of some breakfast. Actually it was after noon so it was more of a brunch than anything else. We picked up bagels with peanut butter, fruit cups and orange juice.  We then drove to the Lombard Toyota dealership where I tried to explain to the service department some of the strange noises we have been hearing.

It turns out that there was a bit or rattling of the rear fold-down seats that had to be remedied with tape to fill in the gaps between the grippers that hold them down to the loops in the floor of the van. However the small motor noise that we have heard seems to be something that will take another visit. Since it is intermittent, I’m not certain how to pinpoint the problem. Oh, well.

While we waited Connie and I got an email from her sister containing an attached photograph of the flowers we had sent.

After leaving the dealership we headed north towards the site of the Stearns Road Corridor to witness for ourselves the nearly finished project that will allow bicyclists to cross the Stearns Road intersection, but also to continue west towards Randall Road and the shopping malls along that section of roadway. It appears too that there is now an overpass for pedestrians and cyclists along Silver Glen Road. We hope to explore this in detail in early Spring.

Heading back home we grab a bit of a late luncheon at Chipotle. The trail system to the northwest of us is really shaping up to be as exciting as anything that is currently offered by the Salt Creek Trail improvements.