R.A.I.N. Santa Pics Weekend

R.A.I.N. Santa Awaits His Visitors


Recycling Animals In Need is what the acronym means. For several years we have volunteered with this organization at Christmas when they take pictures of your pet with Santa for a donation. It’s been a bit of fun!


One of our cats (Gabriella Terra) was found for us by these folks and so we are grateful. She has been a delightful companion and is dearly loved by both of us. She is part Siamese and so is quite the “talker”. She can relate an entire day’s work of adventures in just a few vocalizations and you would swear that you understood it all without hesitation.

Shelters both private and governmental are barely keeping themselves together in this economy. You and I need to help them out in any way possible. Adopting a pet is of mutual benefit to you and the animal. Visit their website and find a friend to share your life.

Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans

Folks like to talk about how patriotic they are. This has become fashionable especially among those who consider themselves Conservatives. But frankly aside from wearing lapel pins that display Old Glory I find little evidence that many people take an active interest in war veterans once they return home.

We’re a couple of those Liberals who according to the wisdom of The Right are what is wrong with the country. But all of the men in my family have made military service a priority. I have a nephew who is a career Army NCO. My father and his father and both my uncles also served. And yet each of them has known a time and place where we were turned away from restaurants, hotels or other places because of the color of their skin.

And of course the folks that did this were the same Conservatives who always want to tout their patriotism. So we make it a point of taking the time to give to and visit with the most distressed of these veterans, the ones who are homeless. These men are of all colors and sizes. We don’t care. It is our mission to try and honor our country not with lip service but by helping its soldiers. And we don’t limit our help to those of our own race. That is in fact un-American.

In our town we have a shelter. You can visit their website here. You should give food and clothing to help these men and women find a place in our society which is warranted above all by the sacrifices they have made.

And into the bargain if I can get at least a few of you to stop telling racist jokes and then claiming that the jokes are not racist or at least that you don’t think of them that way, it will make me happier and you a better person.

DuPage County Foster Care

Another thing we do at this time of year is buy clothes and toys for kids who live in our county whose parents cannot afford them. Many of these kids are living in foster homes. Today we drove up to Cabelas and bought shirts and fleece sweaters and hats for two of the older boys on the list that is posted in the Danada Square tree foyer.

We don’t get to meet these kids. And while we like the fact that government reaches out to help the indigent we feel that it should be People of Faith who toss that burden upon their shoulders in the first instance. So we give what we can. I hope one day to meet some of these kids in an anonymous way and hear how much these gifts from unknown donors have meant to them.

I hope you will give in your hometown.

Here is a photo of a fellow recumbent cyclist who gets it. Bless your heart, Larry!