Bears-Eagles Weekend Ride

New Wayne Bridge Crossing

A brief ride to breakfast and then a drive north to see the IPP RR Crossing Bridge in Wayne, IL.

We took the Sun Tour Easy LEs today in the event we ended up on the IPP. But despite not using this trail we did encounter a bit of crushed limestone when crossing the pond behind the strip mall on County Farm Road.

There were lots of geese out on the pond sunning themselves and plenty of ice along the pathway and near the corners of streets as we rode along. Last night was one of the coldest this fall.

I upgraded the firmware in both of the Nikon Coolpix cameras and will wait to see what sorts of improvements if any are noticeable.

The drive north to the Wayne, IL portion of the IPP and beyond to see the new Stearns Road underpass was nice. We even spotted a few folks out dog walking, running and even bike riding. So there are surely plenty of hearty types out riding before the snow flies.

Afterwards we stopped in St. Charles for some coffee to wash down the bean burritos we managed to find in West Chicago. The coffee was tasty and helped stave off the drowsiness of the early afternoon.

Distance: 7.8 miles
Time: 1h 4m 40s