Erie-Lackawanna & Le Siam Weekend

Glen Ellyn - Chipotle-Mexican-Grill

Actually this is not a ride report. It would have been had the weather been a bit nicer and we both less “under the weather”. It all began on Saturday.

The snow blower had been out for its annual maintenance prior to the winter and so it meant waiting around until it was delivered back to our home. That meant leaving for an adventure a bit later than usual so we opted for a drive to Indiana to see the new extension to the Erie-Laclawanna Trail that recently opened.

It turns out that the southern end of the trail is where the extension was added and it now takes you further into town (all the way to the Walgreens of the main drag). From its new terminus you are a few blocks from the town square. The town itself reminds me of Woodstock, IL.

We circled the main square and noted all the places where one might find good food to eat and then made a stop at the local Starbucks for coffee to help wash down the snacks we had brought.

Nikon Coolpix S8100

The next morning we headed out in search of food and to take a look at the Nikon Coolpix S8100. We ended up purchasing it and I went crazy trying to test its effectiveness in all sorts of conditions. Einstein Bagels was on the way so we stopped and bought a couple of bagels, OJ and some fresh fruit cups.

Then we drove with our bikes out to the Fox River hoping that the rain would stay away long enough to get a few miles in before returning to our home. But the misting began long before we reached the river and it and a bit of weariness made us decide to simply enjoy a bit of daylight and capture some images before driving back home.

Later in the evening we drove to a Sunday Night Meal at one of our favorite restaurants, Le Siam. We had not been in for quite a while so we were pleasantly surprised at the new decorating scheme and told the proprietor so. He is looking fit and trim these days. He says he has been working out.

The food was as good as I remembered it. Thai cuisine is very vegan friendly. You can order most of the dishes on their menu with tofu and enjoy a very satisfying meal. Afterwards we drove home to turn in early and avoid getting any sicker.