Kankakee County Barn Quilt Tour

Decisions, Decisions

It was a day when I decided to “play hookey” from cycling and that always calls for a Road Trip! Should we travel west to Seneca or perhaps northward towards Wisconsin? Whatever we did the distance required a full tank of fuel so we headed off to gas up in downtown Wheaton. I was considering options when an idea sprang into my head. Why not do the one tour we had been saving for a “rainy day”? Why not travel down towards Kankakee County and see the “barn quilts” tour? So we drove back home and picked up the print out and headed southward towards a bit of adventure.

Barns from the 2010 series are available here.

The barns are to be found east and west of the I-57 corridor. The actual land area is fairly large but you can cover at least 10 barns a day. Our first stop was to a barn which was part of a Park District complex. There were animals there as well. Connie got one of the little ponies to come over and pose a bit and even get her (the pony’s) chin scratched.

At one of the last four barns the owner came out and offered a personal tour, but we were in a bit of a hurry to get back home for the trick-or-treaters so we had to take a “rain check”. This is a delightful area to visit and if you can spare the time and money to drive down, you might find it fascinating.

As we were heading “out of town” we spotted a very interesting yard in which a sculptor had a hundred or so metals sculptures on display for immediate sale. What a collection!