Village Grind Visit

Sitting Outside The Village Grind

Outbound Leg
At the Municipal Parking Lot in Batavia we unloaded the bikes and made a pit stop before heading out. While waiting for Connie a couple came up and were in search of the northern portion of the Fox River Trail. I told them it was a bit further west on the other side of the Depot. They took off in that direction and eventually found it.

Once underway we ran into the first of three recumbents as a couple emerged from the northern section of the trail at the point where we made a short climb up to the west side of the trail. We settled into a rhythm and began working our way south.

Our intended target was Oswego. I had decided that perhaps the place to visit there might be the Village Grind, a quaint coffee shop just off Main Street. When we reached the Illinois Street crossing that heads over to the Riverboat Casino, Connie took charge because she had see a fork in the trail that might lead us over to the remainder of the Fox River Trail allowing us to avoid going through the center of town.

As expected she found the fork and we climbed up off the trail and began working our way south along the west side of the street using the sidewalk. There were signs that directed us further west but that would have placed us on a much busier street so I avoided that turn altogether and continued southward.

We finally hooked up with the trail just south of the Virgil Gilman Trail overpass. We entered the trail just off the first bridge and began working our way alongside the Fox River. We stopped at the dam for a photo and continued on.

Just inside the town of Oswego I stopped and punched in the name of the coffee house and the Garmin 605 found it promptly and led us over to Route 25 to our destination.

The coffee house is quaint and has lots of places both inside and out to sit quietly and enjoy your brew. We chose the outdoor tables right in front of the place to allow me to watch the bikes. Connie went in and purchased couple bottles of Tropicana OJ and a couple of muffins for our repast.

The sunshine felt great and we stayed long enough to enjoy the muffins in a leisurely manner washing it all down with OJ.

Inbound Leg
After a few pictures of the outside of the coffee house we headed up the street and down along the Fox River for a bit making our way back along the trail.

Not far outside town a vehicle passenger tossed a glass bottle of juice out of his window which shattered up ahead barely missing a lady walking her Golden Retriever. I can’t tell you how angry that sort of thing makes me. She could have been seriously injured! I guess it takes all kinds to make a world.

I told her how sorry I was that this had happened and she agreed it was a stupid thing to do. We continued on. By now the air was getting a bit cooler and that made the clothing we had donned all the more welcomed.

We rode back past the RiverView Cafe and continued back onto the trail. At the appointed location we got back onto the street just south of the Virgil Gilman Trail overpass and made our way through the downtown section of Aurora.

I made a brief movie clip as we rode along the trail. Lots of wildlife were foraging alongside the trail. It was a glorious day to be out and about. We passed a cyclist slumbering away on a park bench. A female rollerblader came zipping past.

Back in Batavia we waited at the light before entering the Municipal Parking lot area where we stowed the bikes and went in search of some iced coffee.

The Bears lost to Seattle so that proved a bit of a bummer. I spotted an EBC member driving alongside our van on Roosevelt Road. We turned off and headed home to unload the bikes and grab a much welcomed shower.

Distance: 26.4 miles
Time: 3h 6m 12s