Chicago Lakefront Trail Toodle – 10/16/2010

We drove into the city by way of the Victory’s Banner restaurant. I hope to stop back at some time in the not too distant future and try out their cuisine. But it always helps to get the “lay of the land” before you try and ride to a location you have never visited before. So we drove through the neighborhood and liked what we saw.

I had the radio turned to NPR and was listening to a broadcast of the Third Coast Festival on Twins. Take a listen to the segment on two twins separated at birth in a social experiment some 35 or more years ago.

When we finally arrived at the La Rabida Children’s Hospital it was getting fairly late in the afternoon. The temperatures were a bit warmer than I had anticipated so the long fingered gloves and extra vest were not really needed. We set out after a few minutes of preparing the front fairings and ourselves for the journey.

Our first stop was the South Shore Cultural Center. This is the closest washroom facility so we rode there. It’s about a mile south of the parking lot and on a sunny day it is a nice ride. I waited outside with the bikes while Connie went in. Afterwards we rode northward along the lakefront trail to 41st Street where I stopped and used the beach house washroom.

The gulls and geese are out these days along the shoreline fighting one another for foodstuffs that come in on the tide. Or are growing at the water’s edge. We continue past the minor promontory just north and head towards the Museum Campus area.

A wedding party is having its photo taken at the boat landing just behind the Shedd Aquarium. For some reason she is wearing a red dress?! Perhaps this is not her first marriage?

At Buckingham Fountain we stop and decide whether we can make it back before the sun starts to set. We agree to turn back no wanting to be stowing the bikes in the dark.

On the way back Connie talks with a young woman who is interested in her bike. She wants to know if she (Connie) “feels safe” riding the bike. Frankly neither of us really knew what she meant by this. I can only surmise that she wonders whether the bike rider is not visible enough in traffic? Who knows.

Last week a fellow made the comment that he didn’t like recumbents because they laid you back a bit. He felt that the upright riding position had the reading leaning forward which he felt better facilitated forward movement. Oh well…

We were both hungry and wanted to stop for luncheon. So we drove to the Cedars of Lebanon and ordered falafel sandwiches, cups of lentil soup and baklava to eat with our coffee. We sat in the parking lot and ate a bit before hitting the road towards home.

We made a quick stop at the REI in Oakbrook in search of a bike pump before finally reaching home and grabbing a shower!

Distance: 18.7 miles
Time: 1h 53m 44s