VeganMania Exposition 2010

Dining on vegan mac and cheese at the VeganMania Exposition 2010

Rode from La Rabida Children’s Hospital to Pulaski Park Field House to attend VeganMania 2010.

We stopped for a few minutes to true up the rear wheel of a fellow named Bobby who like another fellow the week before was riding the Chicago Lakefront Trail with a badly out-of-true rear wheel.

To get to the VeganMania site we had to leave the trail and ride through the barricaded sections of Grant Park which were being prepared for tomorrow’s Chicago Marathon. This is a very serious production as is evidenced by all the workmen who were erecting barriers and putting out porta-potties and the like.

The swag bag for the runner was pretty impressive. They get a medal for completing the run and a t-shirt and a jacket. I gotta take up running marathons too!

We followed Milwaukee Avenue northwest to reach the fieldhouse and I sat outside watching the bikes while Connie went in and gathered up swag and afterwards purchased a vegan lunch for us. It so happens that the same restaurant we visited a week or so ago is the one that prepared the meals for most of the participants. This by the way as a version of Mac and Cheese that was quite delightful!

Afterwards we retraced our route but this time took Chicago avenue east to the Lakefront Trail. There is a nice underpass near the Lake Point Towers complex where one can safely return to the trail. We took this underpass and made our way slowly back to the car without incident.

We stowed the bikes and headed home looking forward as we did to the Danada Equestrian Festival tomorrow!

Distance: 26.4 miles
Time: 3h 10m 28s