Pumpkin Pie Ride Weekend (2010)

Carbo Loading?

So the evening before today’s ride we drove into the city to find a restaurant my brother Paul told me about a year or so ago. It is called the Soul Vegetarian Restaurant and has a carry juice bar as well. The place is located at 79th and Indiana in a corner area of the building.

Connie and I shared an order of Collard Greens and Kale, another of steamed vegetables and rice and a third platter of vegetarian gyros. Of the three I liked the gyros best. The tofu was sweet and the sauce on the “meat” was tasty. The greens were delicious if not very highly seasoned. They came with a square of southern cornbread which was quite dense and somewhat tasteless. Finally the steamed vegetables was the greatest disappointment. They were healthy but not seasoned at all. Oh well!

Pumpkin Pie Ride

We braved the downpour outside to return to the van and head home to load the bikes for today’s Pumpkin Pie Ride. We’ve done this ride so many times I can’t remember the number. This was the 21th Annual version and it was good.

Not realizing that the route had vastly changed from our last visit we opted for the trail version. This is about 25 miles in length if you do both of the rest stops along the I & M Canal Trail. But the first leg into Marseilles was enough trail riding for the day (at least for me) so we cut the ride short.

The folks at the rest stop were quite friendly and made a point of circulating around to the riders and chatting them up. There were three recumbent riders at the outset of the ride who probably did a longer route than ours. However two others (a husband and wife) were visitors to the Marseilles rest stop on their trikes.

In contrast to the lady who chatted us up at the YMCA ride start about the Sun Tour Easy LEs we were riding (she asked some thoughtful questions) one lady at the rest stop made it a point of letting everyone know that she did not like recumbents. Oh well!

Our ride back was fairly quick as compared to the trail stint on the way out. What is amazing nevertheless is how well the Schwalbe Durano tires handled the trail. These are very high pressure narrow tires with no tread. Yet they ride quite smoothly and did quite well on the muddy, leaf strewn surface of the trail. I really liked them.

Back at the ride start we circled the town square took photos of some of its statues and murals on the walls of neighboring buildings before heading out of town.

Naf Naf Grill and Bakery

On the drive out to Ottawa we had noticed that our favorite Israeli Middle Eastern Style restaurant was either closed or moved. On the way back we fired up Connie’s iPhone and discovered that they had moved to shopping mall just off Diehl Road at the Naperville exit from the Reagan Expressway.

We shared a veggie platter and each had a cup of lentil soup and a bottle of sparkling water. The lentil soup was as tasty as the steamed vegetables of the day before had not been. I was simply blown away with its creaminess and seasoning. The veggie platter was no surprise since we have shared this one before.

After the meal we purchased a couple squares of their delicious baklava and headed out for Starbucks coffee to wash it all down.

The Blessing of the Animals

Inside the Starbucks Connie spotted a poster about the local All Souls Church (Anglican) having a mass today for the animals. So we drove over and got a chance to see how it was done. This is a very nice tradition which is a familiar aspect of the Anglican tradition. I could easily become an Anglican on this basis alone.

We left the mass and headed home to unload the bikes and take care of some outdoor chores (Connie) before settling in for the evening.

Distance: 16.1 miles
Time: 1h 57m 27s