Bodysock Shakedown Ride

We installed the body socks and heavy front fairings on the Easy Racers Tour Easys today. The fairings require that the minimalist hardware designed by Gardner Martin be removed in favor of the clunkier looking set from Zzipper Fairings designed by Karl Abbe. But in his favor this set is much more adaptable.

It takes about a half hour to get all the work done on two bikes and then a few more minutes to install the body socks and their rear scaffolds. And then after that you probably will need to take some time to determine the best way to design the entry protocol you wish to use in getting onto the bike.

I learned in a heartbeat that if your bike shows have knobby soles that can catch the body sock hem this is not a good thing.

After getting my foot extricated Connie and I set off on a tour of our neighborhood in an effort to relearn the skills needed to ride with a big piece of Lycra preventing you from seeing directly what lies just beneath your front wheel (unless you ride with the body sock unzipped where it attaches to the front fairing.

We looped in and out of our neighborhood with our neighbors wondering what the heck they were actually seeing. Once again never ride a recumbent if you don’t like to have people staring at you and that goes double if you install a body sock.

The main things to understand about a body sock is that it extends your rollout enough that you can coast for dozens of yards more when you stop pedaling than would otherwise be the case. On a century ride this will save you energy. If the ride is done in a windy environment the body sock will allow you to sail the bike in a quartering wind. This is really neat!

Other than that the sock does keep your upper body a bit warmer than would otherwise be the case but your knees and legs are still pretty exposed. But on the bright side if you are climbing it is a darn sight easier to keep the bike headed in a straight line because of the pull of the body sock on the sides of the front fairing which keeps the bike going straight.

Distance: 3.8 miles
Time: 0h 26m 24s