Wheaton Toodle and Western Springs Drive

Western Springs Water Tower

The weather today was hinting at rain and was quite overcast. So we decided that in order to avoid driving many miles only to have to sit in the car and wait out a possible downpour we could ride from home. Our first thought was to ride to Naperville and capture some images of the new statuary that is around the downtown area. But it looked even more forbidding as we pedaled away from home, so it was determined to ride to Panera Bread for breakfast and wait out the rain there.

Breakfast was delightful! We tried the new steak panini (we actually split one) and had yogurt parfaits all washed down with freshly squeezed orange juice. I guess this combination comes with chips as well so there was a bag of them for nibbling afterwards. The weather was warmer now than before and darned if the sky was not clearing a bit. So we decided to ride over to Seven Gables Park and complete its circuit before heading home again.

The park was quite busy for a Sunday morning. Lots of soccer players on teams were using just about every venue in the place. We pedaled slowly around and gathered in the warm air and sunshine knowing all too well that not too many weeks hence this would be a very different place. Snow and ice would be the order of the day then. I really hate to see the summer fade away.

We pedaled back through the neighboring subdivision (Farnham) and head home. We detour one last time leaving Blanchard Street to retrace the route we used on our way outbound. We park the bikes and decide to perhaps drive for ice cream.

The Plush Horse is a place we had wanted to ride to from Lake Katherine in Palos Hills. So we drive there and enjoy some outstanding homemade ice cream. On the radio the Bears are ahead against the Dallas Cowboys!

Heading south we reach Hinsdale and are a stone’s throw from Western Springs. Connie wants to get a few photos of the town and the church where her Dad preached. Afterwards we even drive past her childhood home.

We take the long way home not wanting to get anywhere in a hurry. Summer is more delightful when savored. And the weather at this time of year is tending towards Fall and that can be nice as well.

Distance: 15.6 miles
Time: 2h 1m 21s