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  • Riding Brompton’s in Seven Gables Park

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  • Entering the Batavia Bathroom

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    Background Reading We stopped in Batavia for a bathroom break when a motorist wandered into the foyer and asked in a distraught fashion what were the rules behind flashing lights on Route 31. Pedestrians had activated the yellow flasher and […]

  • Good Reads : Week of 28 May 2017

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    Sunday xxx (OnLine) xxx (OnLine) xxx (OnLine) xxx (OnLine) xxx (OnLine) Monday xxx (OnLine) xxx (OnLine) xxx (OnLine) xxx (OnLine) xxx (OnLine) Tuesday xxx (OnLine) xxx (OnLine) xxx (OnLine) xxx (OnLine) xxx (OnLine) Wednesday xxx (OnLine) xxx (OnLine) xxx (OnLine) […]

  • Mushrooms and Peonies – CFV

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  • CosmicBikes Brompton Unveiling

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    Connie’s Images No images today… Eric’s Images It turns out that the dynamo-drive lights on Bromptons are all the same. The “S” setting places the light in SENSOR mode. This is essentially a mode where the light detects that ambient […]

  • Lastolite Ezybox Rainy Day Flower Shoot – CFV

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    Connie’s Images Yesterday I came across the image above on Facebook that was taken not very far from the Waubonsie Lake Park a mile or two southwest. The Oakhurst Forest Preserve is a rather primitive affair as compared with the […]

Bicycle Rider pedaling on a Country Highway stanley45 via Getty Images

What Cyclists Don’t Understand About Motorists

Background Reading City Summary Crash Report – 1/1/2015 to 12/31/2015 (chicagotonight) If you really want to get a “good whiff” of the nature of the problem that exists between bicyclists motorists and motorists all you have to do is read a […]

Solo female making her way on a Brompton folder with ample carrying capacity.

Be Your Own “Rebalancing” Problem Solver

Background Reading By Julie Sherman Apr 27, 2017 How Divvy “Rebalancing” Problems Can Make Commuting Less Safe for Women (streetsblog) In a July 2017 article for Streetsblog Chicago Julie Sherman bemoans the problem of untimely “rebalancing” for Divvy stations. It […]